As the title infers, this blog is about fixies! A “fixie” is a bicycle in which the drive-train is fixed — a single-speed with no coasting mechanism. As a result, riding a fixie is much different from riding a standard multi-speed bike. Its like the difference between an automatic (multi-speed bike) and manual transmission (fixed-gear bike) in a car: on a multi-speed bike, the rider pedals at roughly the same rate, and just changes gears to change speed; for a fixed-gear bike, changing your speed is completely controlled by the rate at which you pedal. Although not the best analogy, it does convey the idea that riding a fixed-gear bike is a much more involved experience than riding, like driving a manual-transmission car. In this blog, I will comment on different fixed-gear bikes and styles, and will discuss the fixed-gear culture in Houston. Through a combination of photos and commentary, I hope my followers will find my blog both exciting to read and informational! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll inspire a few out there to jump on a fixie and try out one of the latest fads of today.


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